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Absolutely nothing.

Nội dung chính Show

  • Gift Preferences
  • +800 LP (+9 FP)
  • +500 LP (+9 FP)
  • +300 LP (+3 FP)
  • -500 LP (-3 FP)
  • -800 LP (-9 FP)
  • Heart Events
  • Introduction
  • Black Heart Event
  • Purple Heart Event
  • Blue Heart Event
  • Yellow Heart Event
  • Orange Heart Event
  • How to make Elli leaves in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?
  • How to increase heart level in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

In all honestly, I think the Doctor’s probably the oldest of the marriagable options, because even Simon Tam was about twenty-five before he got a medical practice, and the Doctor has been in Mineral Town for a while. *is a Firefly geek*

I like the idea that Elli is a lot younger, because I dig age differences. *is marrying an older guy and loving every second*

I think Gray is a few years younger than Mary, because he just comes across that way.

Cliff and Ann are probably about the same age, although Ann does seem fairly young, and Cliff had to be least old enough to leave home and have a Twagic Past.

I think Kai is probably a few years older than Popuri, and probably about the same age as Rick and Karen (who, I like to think, are the same age).

The “everyone is twelve” idea came from my fiance, and a desire to be silly.

Elly lives and works the clinic in Mineral Town. She wants to be a good nurse, so she helps the Doctor with anything medical. When the Hospital is closed on Wednesdays, she goes to visit her grandmother Ellen and her little brother Yu. Elly’s parents both died a long time ago and it’s been up to her and Ellen to raise Yu. Elly loves them both very much.

was named “Elli” in the original GBA trò chơi.

Birthday: Spring 16 (primary) or Spring 20 (alternative)

Bonus LP: Earn +2500 when you do NOT faint for a total of 15, 30, 45, 60, or 75 days in a row. A bonus is awarded the first time you meet the criteria.

Rival: Doctor

Schedule: For most of the week, Elly can be found inside the clinic. She’s upstairs in her bedroom until 9:00 am, then manages the front desk of the clinic until 7:00 pm, when she
then goes back upstairs. The clinic is closed on Wednesdays, so she heads to her grandma Ellen’s house 9:00 am, then to the general store 1:00 pm, returns to Ellen’s house around 4:00 pm, and then goes home to the clinic 7:00 pm.

If you marry Elly, she’ll keep to a similar work-week schedule, but starts and ends her clinic days the farm house. On Wednesdays she doesn’t visit her grandmother anymore; she stays home all day long. Poor Ellen will never receive another visit from
her granddaughter.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)

Sunsweet Flower, True Magic Red Flower

Moon Dumplings: Dango Flour + Seasoning Set (Recipe learned from TV Cooking)

Almond Tofu: milk + Seasoning Set + Pot (Recipe learned by cooking with milk 30 times)

Note: The two flowers she likes are grown on your farm during fall. True Magic Red Flower is a random mutation of Magic Red Flower. You can buy the fall-season seeds from Huang for 600 G each. Sunsweet
Flower seeds are unlocked as part of the Preserved Flower sự kiện that triggers as part of the steps towards marriage. After completing the sự kiện, Jeff will sell the flower seeds for 1000 G during fall season. Sunsweet Flower can also grow wild in the Secret Forest during fall.

+500 LP (+9 FP)

all milk (normal, coffee, fruit, and strawberry), Blue Magic Flower, Letter in a Bottle, Bracelet, Broach, Dress,
Dango Flour, Earring, Facemask, Tomatosetta Stone, Necklace, Perfume, Pink Diamond, Pink Cat Flower, Skin Lotion, Strawberry, Sunblock, Toy Flower

Elly Grass, Strawberry Cake

+300 LP (+3 FP)

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Grass, Blue Grass, Yam Dessert, Chocolate, Emerald, Garnet, Indigo Grass, Large Fish, Medium Fish, Purple Grass, Ruby, Sapphire, Small Fish, Topaz, White Grass

Baumkuchen, Apple Pie, Aqua Pazza, Cake, Carbonara, Carpaccio, Cheese
Souffle, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cookies, Churros, Cookies, Daifuku, French Toast, Fish Fritter, Grape Juice, Grilled Fish, Ice Cream, Madeleines, Mixed Smoothie, Mochi, Paella, Pancakes, Popcorn, Pudding, Relaxtea, Relax Tea Leaves, Salad, Sandwich, Sashimi, Seafood Bowl, Fish Soup, Vegetable Juice, Zenzai

-500 LP (-3 FP)

Bell Pepper, Chestnut, Chili Pepper, Corn, Onion, Scrape Ore, Yellow Grass

Bibimbap, Chestnut Rice, Premium Grape Juice, Fried Rice, Ketchup, Wild Grape
Water, Napolitan, Nasi Goreng, Omelet Rice, Pepper Steak, Tamagoyaki, Vegetable Stir Fry

-800 LP (-9 FP)

Branch, Chicken Feed, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Ancient Fossil, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Lumber, Pirate Treasure, Poison Mushroom, Rock, Rubber Boot, Stone, Weed

Roasted Chestnut, Spicy Margherita Pizza, Spicy Pepper Steak, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Sandwich, Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry

Heart Events


  • Walk into the clinic
  • 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Not Monday or Wednesday
  • Any weather

Inside the clinic you see Yu wants to show something to his sister. He shows her a bug, which Elly does not like all! As you enter the clinic, Yu runs from his sister and
hides behind you. By the way, did you know you had someone behind you? Yu comes out of his hiding place to get a scolding from Elly. He knows that she hates bugs! Yu argues that he likes bugs, so he brought it to show it to her. Yu figures you understand what he’s talking about.

Choice 1: Yeah, totally. What’s bugging her? (-2000 LP, +20 FP with Yu)

Yu is pleased that you agree with him. After he leaves, Elly scolds you for encouraging her brother’s mischief!

Choice 2: You shouldn’t harass people. (+3000 LP, -20 FP with Yu)

Yu runs out of the clinic. After he leaves, Elly thanks you for being honest. Don’t worry about Yu’s crying; he’s not used to being scolded by other people.

Black Heart Event

  • Walk into the clinic
  • 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, Thursday, or Saturday
  • Any weather
  • You have seen the Introduction sự kiện
  • Elly has a black heart color (5000 LP) or higher

Elly is glad that you’ve stopped by to chat, as she
doesn’t have any patients to look after the moment. That quickly changes when Jeff walks into the clinic with tummy distress!

In the office, Elly brings Doctor the medicine for Jeff. Unfortunately Doc realizes that it is the wrong medicine. Jeff has to suffer a bit longer while Elly goes to fetch the correct medicine. Good thing Doctor noticed before giving it to Jeff. Doctor tells Elly to be more careful in the future.

After Jeff leaves, Elly admits that she’s made mistakes
before this latest incident. She feels discouraged and wonders if she can truly be a good nurse.

Choice 1: Don’t let one mistake hold you back. (+3000 LP)

Your encouragement cheers her up. Failure isn’t option; if she gives up now, she’ll never get better. She can only learn from her mistake and not to make the same mistake again. Giving the wrong medicine won’t happen a second time. Elly won’t forget today’s experience, and she thanks you for supporting her.

Choice 2: ………. (-2000 LP)

Elly figures her assumption is correct. She just wanted someone to talk to, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Elly apologizes for bothering you.

Purple Heart Event

  • Walk into Ellen’s house
  • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or
    10:00 am to 1:00 pm (if you have less than 2 Friendship Notes with Ellen)
  • Wednesday
  • Sunny weather
  • There is an empty item slot in your rucksack
  • You have seen the black heart sự kiện
  • Elly has a purple heart color (10,000 LP) or higher

Ellen cheerfully greets you as you enter, but Elly’s greeting is less enthusiastic. Ellen explains that Elly made some food for her little brother, but Yu took a bite, said he lost his appetite, and then ran outside.
Ellen’s feet aren’t as good as they used to be, and can’t go out to retrieve him. Ellen asks if you would go bring the kid back. She believes he may have headed towards the church.

Choice 1: Refuse (-2000 LP, -10 FP with Ellen)

Elly understands; she admits that her cooking skills are poor, so it’s no surprise to her that Yu hated her food. Ellen tells her not to worry, as Yu is sure to return on his own.

Sure enough, Yu returns and apologizes to his sister and
grandma for saying that he didn’t want to eat the food. Elly forgives her little brother.

Choice 2: Accept (+3000 LP, +20 FP with Ellen and Yu)

You head towards the church and find Yu. He’s sorry for upsetting his sister, but Elly’s cooking is… well, nevermind. You and Yu head back to Ellen’s house.

Yu apologizes to Elly. Elly tells him that he doesn’t have to eat her food just for her sake. She is going to work on improving her cooking skills. Someday
she’ll make something that he’ll find delicious!

Ellen apologizes to you for involving you in all of this. Elly cooks meals the way that Ellen likes them, but apparently, it’s not the same way that Yu likes them. Ellen wants Elly to learn how to cook with Yu’s preferences in mind too.

Elly wants to thank you for your help and retrieves a pressed flower from the bookshelf that she had made. She hands over the item and tells you that she has to start learning how to cook for Yu.

(The Elly’s Pressed Flowers is not the same as the one you buy from the general store as part of the marriage steps. This item is a decoration you can add to the trophy shelf inside your farmhouse.)

Blue Heart Event

  • Walk to the beach
  • 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (spring, fall, or winter)
  • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, or 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (summer)
  • Wednesday
  • Sunny weather
  • You have seen the purple heart sự kiện
  • Elly has a blue heart color (20,000 LP) or higher

Elly is taking a quiet break on the boat dock. It is unusual to see her the beach, but Elly tells you that she often came to the beach when her parents were alive. She has a lot of memories of them together here. She’ll come to the beach when she’s troubled, as it feels like her parents can hear her.

Elly tells you that her current worry is with Yu. She wonders if anyone likes his practical jokes. Elly hopes she is raising her little brother the same way that her mother would have.
She doesn’t want Yu to feel lonely, but perhaps she has spoiled him too much. Is she the reason for his bad behavior? What do you think?

Choice 1: He’s out of control. (-2000 LP)

True, if you believe that’s the case, then Yu is probably too spoiled. Elly’s confidence is a little rattled; she is going to head home, and thanks you for your opinion.

Choice 2: A gentle approach is valid. (+3000 LP)

Elly thanks you for your honest opinion. Yu
isn’t a bad child. It’s just how he is this age. Your comment has given her a little bit more confidence. Elly wants to head back home to play with her brother.

If you are in summer season, Kai leaves his snack shack and sits on the bench from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Him being on the beach can prevent this sự kiện from triggering until he goes back inside.

Yellow Heart Event

  • Walk into Ellen’s house
  • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Wednesday
  • Sunny weather
  • You have seen the blue heart sự kiện
  • You have given Elly a Preserved Flower
  • Elly has a yellow heart color (40,000 LP) or higher

Elly suggests the two of you
head outside for a walk. She has some time before she has to start preparing dinner, but can’t leave with her hair looking like this! You agree to wait outside while Elly fixes her hair.

Elly comes outside once she’s ready, but Yu and Mei have noticed that the two of you are together. Yu wonders why his sister is outside this time of the day. He’s not worried, but he does want to know what is going on. Mei suggests that they follow you.

The kids sneak around and watch you and Elly
visit the library, supermarket, and the beach. Yu notes that the two of you haven’t actually done anything yet. He explains that it feels strange to see his sister playing around. Mei tells Yu that his sister is always busy with housework, so it is nice to see her out with a close friend. Yu realizes that his sister is always working, whether cleaning, working the clinic, or cooking meals for him and Grandma Ellen. Seeing her enjoying some không lấy phí time must be why he feels uncomfortable.
Yu gets an idea and returns home.

Elly realizes that she’s spent a lot of time out with you. She thanks you for giving her a break, but she needs to return home to start preparing dinner. Elly hopes that her responsibilities with Yu and Ellen doesn’t bother you.

Choice 1: I’m sure he’s on his best behavior. (+3000 LP)

Elly feels blessed that you think of her in that way.

Choice 2: Yeah, “Yu” had better rein him in. (-2000 LP)

acknowledges that even you think he’s a bit of trouble.

You and Elly head back to the house. Before reaching the front door, Yu greets the two of you and hands over some chore coupons. Anytime Elly wants to go out, she can give him a coupon and he’ll help out around the house. Then the two of you will have more time to be together! Elly thanks her little brother for the ticket.

After he goes back inside, Elly tells you that she’s really happy. Yu is truly a caring child. She
plans to use Yu’s help coupon for something special.

Orange Heart Event

  • Walk into Ellen’s house
  • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Wednesday
  • Sunny weather
  • You have seen the yellow heart sự kiện
  • Elly has an orange heart color
    (50,000 LP) or higher

Thomas and Ellen are chatting about Elly. Thomas tells her that it’s the first time he’s seen Elly so happy. They both notice you have also stopped in for a chat; in fact, they were just talking about you! Ellen thanks you for being Elly’s sweetie. Elly has been so busy taking care of her and Yu that she hadn’t had the chance romance. Ellen always felt guilty about taking up Elly’s time like that. Thomas tells Ellen that he doesn’t think that is the case, as
Elly loves and cares for both of them very much. Elly’s been working hard taking care of Yu, as they lost their parents an early age. Everyone is secretly concerned for Elly.

Elly walks into the house, but stops the front door to listen in. Ellen explains that since you arrived in town, Elly has changed a lot. Before the conversation gets any farther, Elly returns outside. She doesn’t hear Ellen explain that so far she thinks Elly’s greatest concerns has been her difficulties with
being a nurse, dealing with Yu’s michief, and trying to improve her cooking skills. Lately she’s been a bit hurried, and when asked why, Elly would explain that she’s busy getting ready for a date with you! Ellen is glad to see her so happy. Thomas even confirms that Elly is really lively when she talks about you!

You leave the house and bump into Elly. She apologizes for eavesdropping and didn’t know that Ellen and Thomas were so worried about her. Maybe she has changed a little bit. She
previously didn’t have an interest in love or what she looked like. Now, she wants to be beautiful for you; thinking about you makes her heart excited! Elly thanks you for making her a better person.

Choice 1: No, thank YOU. (+3000 LP)

Elly finds it cute that you thanked her the same time. She thinks it is wonderful that the two of you respect each other.

Choice 2: How thankful are you? (-2000 LP)

Elly laughs and assumes you are making a
joke. There are sure to be many happy times in the future! She’ll see you later.

How to make Elli leaves in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

Just get 6 weeds, and use 6 of the cooking utensils on them. Then choose the 6 failure recipes + Turbojolt XL + Bodigizer XL + No Utensils= Elli leaves aka the most helpful food item in the trò chơi.

How to increase heart level in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

The heart level will be shown each time you talk to the person, and it will go from black, to purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally, red. You can increase this daily by giving them gifts and talking to them, but just having a red heart isn’t enough!
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